Salt Lamps in Lahore

Crafted Salt Lamps

Salt Lamps are amazing gift from nature to Pakistan because Himalayan Salt purify the air by negative ionization. European and American knows the value of negative ionization, so the demand of Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps is increasing day by day in those areas. Even if we study the survey about the export of Salt Lamps; all developed countries are importing Salt Lamps from Pakistan. Khewra Salt Mine is very much famous for Himalayan Salt Lamps and this mine also called Mayo Salt Mine. Source of Himalayan Rock Salt is from Kalar Kahar to Mianwali and there are different mining location in between this range like Khewara Salt Mine, Khushab Salt Mine, Quaidabad Salt Mine, KalaBagh Salt Mine, Wanday wali Salt Mine, Warcha Salt Mine, Ghani Salt Mine etc. 100% Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt is used to create different products and different shapes of Salt Lamps like Natural Salt Lamps, Fire Bowl Salt Lamp, Pyramid Salt Lamp, Crafted Angel Salt LampCylinder Shape Salt Lamp, Crafted Cylinder Flower Salt Lamp, Cube Salt Lamp, Crafted T-Light Salt Candle Holder, Diamond Shape Salt Lamp, Dolphin Shape Salt LampDuck Salt Lamp, Oval Salt Lamp, Fire Bowl Salt Lamp with Balls, Fire Bowl Salt Lamp with Hearts, Big Size Fire Bowl Salt Lamp with Hearts, Globe Salt Lamp, Football Salt Lamp, Flower Shape Salt Lamp, Fire Bowl Special Lamp, Horse Salt Lamp, Boat Salt lamp, Seap Salt Lamp, Rugby Salt Lamp, Ring Cylinder Salt LampTurtle Shape Salt Lamp, Tulip Shape Salt Lamp, Natural Salt Candle Holder, Tear Drop Salt Lamp, USB Cylinder Salt Lamp, USB Pyramid Salt Lamp, Wall Light Crafted Salt Lamp, Wooden Basket Cage Salt Lamp, Wooden Basket Flower Salt Lamp, Wooden Basket Long Salt Lamp, Wooden Basket Salt Lamp, Long Cube Salt Lamp, Fish Shape Salt Lamp, Nest with Birds Salt Lamp, Tear Drop Salt Lamp with USB, Globe Salt Lamp with USB, Table Lamp Salt Lamp,